Our Philanthropic Endeavors

Jared Schlar is stepping up his philanthropy strategy leading up to the court case and beyond.

If your organization needs charitable aid or donations, please contact Jared Schlar now:


Jared Schlar will gladly make financial donations to charitable causes and the charity will be able to leverage his marketing service offered for free as a courtesy. Jared Schlar will match publicly donations made by any other party that qualify. Donations will be recorded on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain so there is a public record of all donations. This way records can't be tampered with by third parties.

Right now, Jared Schlar is looking to donate funds to a Children's Charity. His heart goes out to children with pre-existing conditions that want to live. If you feel you are qualified, please respond.

Jared Schlar provides philanthropy using Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Cash Logo
Bitcoin Cash Logo

Contact Jared Schlar now for more information about your charitable cause:


Recently, Schlar has made several donations to Mad in America, the 501(c)(3) non-profit.

These include:

$28.00 USD 02/25/22

$27.00 USD 02/25/22

$26.00 USD 02/23/22

$25.00 USD 02/22/22

All of these transactions are noted on the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain.

You too can donate. Here is the link to the donation page:


More donations will follow. Stay tuned!

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