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I Have Friends Everywhere

It would not be wise to lock up Jared Schlar, again. Based on the evidence of Covid-19 last time, this time, the world will come to an end. Covid is currently killing the planet. MK Ultra, a CIA technology is spreading. Davos is watching everything. The economy is burning. Fear is building and evolution is happening at an exponential rate. My friends are sitting in the shadows watching everything that happens to me. I create a lot of value on the Internet... They will strike at the right moment. It really doesn't matter what happens to me. The old world is coming apart. Get ready for A New Earth. The world is evolving spiritually at a faster and faster clip. David Wilcock stated in his latest YouTube video that the hippy movement did NOT fail. It just took time to incubate. People that live in the old world will fade into the background. The Internet and Blockchain are real whether you like them or not. Stupidity is growing as the masses are getting sicker and sicker due to bad be